Meaningful Art

February 02, 2023

I have a confession to make:  I'm a minimalist.  I can't stand junk or clutter. If there's something in my home, it either has to be useful or bring me joy.  And the same goes for what I hang on my walls. I've always believed that artwork in the home needs to be meaningful, not just some random piece purchased to fill an empty space.  This is what has inspired me to do what I do. A painting, drawing or photograph of a person, place or beloved pet that holds a place in your heart does more than bring memories, warmth and character to a room.  It becomes part of your story.  

Each and every session, I look for moments that will translate into something that not only captures this sentiment, yet holds it's own as a work of art. Something that would catch your attention if you walked in to a gallery or an exhibition.  Something you would appreciate even if it weren't a photograph of you or your horse, or your child. But it's the connection is what makes it truly special. My goal is to create something timeless that will last for generations.  The canvas your heirs will fight over a hundred years from now. "Look at my great grandmother and her beautiful palomino when she was seventeen... wasn't she gorgeous?" 

Kristie Scholten is an award winning photographer, specializing in horse and rider portraits, equine fine art and equestrian event photography. Based in Katy, Texas, she travels to barns throughout the country to create meaningful art that will be treasured for generations. Her work is regularly featured in Sidelines Magazine and can be seen on display at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center. 


Formerly known as Moonfyre Photography



Appointments available throughout Texas for exquisite senior horse and rider portraits, on location at select equestrian events or at your barn.


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